Queen of Dreams

Another great work of one of my favorite authors, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, it's just been translated by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama on August 2011. As usual the author writes about something she knows best about the world of Indian immigrant living in America. A story about Rakhi, a divorced mother of one. Rakhi is an artist and an owner of a coffeehouse called The Chai House. She's trying to deal with her life as a single mom and the most important part is to understand her own mother who is able to interpret dreams.

All this time Rakhi always feels that her mom keeps certain distance from her. She never knows about her mom's past time in India and her mom also always avoids in telling this. Until one day her mom got killed in a car accident and Rakhi found her mom's dream journals. Through her mom journal entries Rakhi finally gets a clearer understanding about her as the dreams interpreter.

The book tells about Rakhi's current life and continued with her mom dreams journal, back and forth. The dreams journal's told in a poetic way, filled with symbolism and folklore that reveal an image of India, not the physical aspect but the cultural beliefs, the myths and the legends. It definitely will enrich our horizon and give new insights.

One amazing tale from Divakaruni.