Girls, Books and Love

My hubby and I are both book freak. This virus eventually infects our daughters. Everywhere we go, we never miss to drop by at a bookstore. 

Until recently I notice that Zea, our youngest daughter, has been falling in love deeply with books. Her love towards books seems deeper that her sister does. At her early age, although she still couldn't read but she already enjoyed holding a book, staring at the illustration of the book and finally making up stories based on her imagination. This activity could take very long time. Sometimes I wonder, how on earth did she come out with so many new vocabularies that perhaps she didn't even understand the meaning?    

At age of 5, Zea made her achievement, she finally can READ. I didn't know how she managed to read. I never taught her nor her father since we both agree that during the golden age (1 year until 5 year) is the children time to play as much as they want. To enjoy life. No reading and counting lesson at all.  But as I said before although she wasn't able to read but she never left home without any books. Perhaps her big love towards books that finally helps her to have the reading ability.    
When our eldest daughter, Najla, entered the Elementary School, every time we visit a bookstore, she focused more on stationery than books. On the other hand Zea always glues her eyes to children books, selects some of her favorite books, sits down on the floor between the bookshelves, reads the books and looses in her own imaginary world. Until her father calls her to leave the bookstore, she will pick the books quickly and asks her father to pay for them. How can her father say no to such a sweet request?

Now it's getting more obvious, while Najla enjoys cycling and swimming, Zea will be drowning in her bedroom, surrounded by her favorite books and read them aloud one by one. She even arranges some of her dolls, sits them down, reads the story to them and acts out just like their teacher. 

I guess Zea has realized that books never let her down. A good book is the best of friends.   


mei August 18, 2012 at 9:46 AM  

aah lovely! :)

Anonymous August 21, 2012 at 11:46 AM  

Sama kaya saya dulu,kerjaannya di kamar doang ngendon baca buku, sering kali saya tata ulang :)

Baca postingan Mbak Riana ini menghangatkan hati :)

Selamat lebaran yaaa buat Mbak dan keluarga, salam untuk kedua gadis kecil Mbak *peluk*

riana August 24, 2012 at 12:14 PM  

@mei: hehe..thanks :)

@mia: me too, kalo udh baca buku bisa lupa kasih makan anak2, bener banget ya:)

thanks ya, maaf lahir batin juga, happy holiday..*hugs*