Perahu Kertas

Director: Hanung Bramantyo
Producers: Chand Parwez Servia & Putut Widjanarko
Screen Writer: Dewi Lestari
Casts: Maudy Ayunda, Adipati Dolken, Reza Rahadian, Tio Pakusadewo, August Melasz, Ira Wibowo

One of Dewi 'Dee' Lestari  best selling novel is finally adapted into a big screen. Perahu Kertas was written down back in 1996 and up until now it's been reprinted 15 times, wow! I read the book some years a go. Honestly I am a bit forgetful about the detail of the story. As far as I remember it's a light story compared with other Dee's works and it's about romantic teen story. A timeless theme that easily loved by everyone.

Bumped into many positive reviews about Perahu Kertas the movie, I decided to watch it. Yesterday I went to a cinema and  was very much surprised to find out that it was so full and more surprise to see the viewers of the movie were mostly high schools students. Suddenly I felt so old, perhaps I was the oldest there, hahaha...

The movie itself is enjoyable. Since the screen writer is the author herself therefore she knew which scene to be put in big screen and vice versa. And I must confess that Dee is a real genius. She is truly a multi talented person. She wrote the novel, the movie script, and the beautiful original soundtrack. 

This movie is the first of a two-part adaptation. The decision to divide the story into two parts was made to include as much of the original story as possible.  The second part will be launched within two months and the Producer promises that the second movie will offer more conflict than the first one. Well...let's see.

If you want to entertain yourself for a light yet meaningful movie, come and watch this one. Actually it's a just a simple love story but there are still lots to enjoy here such as the beautiful scene and easy listening soundtrack.