Friday, We're in Love

We had a visit to Taman Safari Cisarua last Friday. It was a sudden decision. We thought that some people were still at the office, others were still busy with mudik stuff, so we hope that the place wouldn't  be so crowded.

Leaving home at 7.30 am, the traffic was very friendly and at 9.00 am we're already there and ready to explore the park. We started by buying some fresh carrots that were offered by some street seller. Later on we would give the carrots to the herbivore as their breakfast.  

It's really a fabulous moment. We enjoyed all, the animals themselves, the animal shows, the animal zoo, the playground, the water park and all. What we love about this park is the fresh surrounding. The sun was actually there but it's not hot. The mountain air was everywhere. Although we spent almost the whole day there but we didn't feel tired. It's really a relaxing getaway. No wonder that most people consider this place as one of their favorite holiday spots.