65 (Lanjutan Blues Merbabu)
Author:  Gitanyali
Publisher: KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia)
Publication Date: May 2012
Pages: 204

Akal sehat dan daya hidup tidak begitu saja bisa dilumpuhkan.

("65", Gitanyali

Due to 1965 tragedy, Gitanyali had to live separately from other members of the family. He had to leave his happy life into a poor life. He changes his name many times. He makes many definitions of 'freedom' as he needs. Until one day his relatives asked him to move to Jakarta. Farewell to his life at that small city near Merbabu mount including his wild romance with many girls there.

A new chapter begins. As a communist's son, he knows he can't have a career in formal sector. Instead he chooses media, studying cinema and freelancing as a journalist. he continues his adventures with several women he meets. This wild romances go on and on. Until one day he meets Emma, a beautiful woman who owns an art gallery in Bangkok, this is one big leap in Gitanyali's life. Before meeting Emma, he has some anxiety concerning married life and keeps hopping from one woman to another. But Emma changes everything. He's proposing her and they finally get married.

1965 and PKI are one chapter in Indonesia's history. There are many version of the stories. There are also many 'dark' stories we heard about it. But Gitanyali refused to drown in his  sadness or alienation. He chose his path. He tells his story in a very different way. Instead of feeling blue about his story, he entertains us. He said, "Berhubungan dengan stigma, aku merasa biasa saja. tak terbebani apa-apa. yang kurasa perlu dikasihani masyarakatku, bukan aku." 

An alternative memoir that shares the valuable insights into the life of a man whose identity was denied by his state and society but instead of getting angry with that condition, this man is busy with his own life. He lives his life to the fullest. He tells stories from his completely different point of view.  He gives us new things to ponder.