Blues Merbabu

Author:  Gitanyali
Publisher: KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia)
Publication Date: February 2011
Pages: 186

Benar kita hanya bisa memelihara kenangan, tapi tidak menghidupinya
("Blues Merbabu", Gitanyali)

Autobiography is your own story. You can make it on your own way. Gitanyali (the pen name of Kompas journalist, Bre Redana) chooses to write his memoir in a light, witty yet deep way.

It's all begun in a small village near Merbabu mount in Central Java. Gitanyali once lived a good life with her family in one big house. Until year 1965, his father as one of the respected leader in Communist Party known as PKI was taken by apparatus without any news, he just disappeared like what happened to many people there. His mother was also taken by the apparatus and put into jail but luckily she survived and finally released. Since then Gitanyali's life had been changed  upside down.

This is a story about a boy who lost his father to the Communist purges at age 10. Gitanyali recalls the traumatic experience from his father's position as a respected leader of the community to an enemy of the state and ultimately, a victim of its brutality.
But don't worry, there are no tears here. This is not a mellow memoir. Gitanyali shares his life merely with witty things. He learns how to survive. He tries to enjoy his life including his wild adventures with lots of girls in his small city. He chooses to hang on without the 'real' fighting. Enjoy the flow of the story and all its absurdity.