Kisah Lainnya

Author: Ariel-Uki-Lukman-Reza-David
Publisher: KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia)
Publication Date: August 2012
Pages: 228
Jangan berkecil hati. Manusia diciptakan di dunia ini memang untuk bikin kesalahan, lalu memperbaiki diri. Kalau semua orang sudah tidak bikin kesalahan lagi, maka semua ini akan dimatikan oleh Tuhan, karena tidak ada lagi tujuan kehidupan.
(said Abu Bakar Ba'asyir to Ariel at Bareskrim detention center, page 18 of Kisah Lainnya).

I am not a big fan of Ariel or Peterpan band, therefore at the time this book was released, I wasn't interested to buy it. Until one day a friend of mine recommended me to read it. 

The book is written down in a simple way. We see what happened to the band from their point of view. Before, on and after Ariel's case. I finished reading their stories within a short time. But tell you what, the minute I finished reading it, I feel a different feeling about this band. I suddenly feel so close to them and know how special the relationship among each of the band members.

The story was started on May 2010, Peterpan was having a meeting to prepare their new album  launching. Until that shocking news spread and finally on January 31, 2011, Ariel was sentenced by Bandung district court for three years six months. It's just like a thunder hit all of them. Lots of plans for Peterpan had to be postponed. But here we see how strong their friendship is. They survive. 

The story then flashed back about when and how Peterpan members could get together and form the band. After lots of working hard, changing of many personnel, trying a bit this and that, finally Peterpan became a new star in Indonesian music. As other bands, they also experienced the ups and downs of their music, relationship, and all. But there is always a blessing in disguise, just like Ariel's legal case that already changed everything. It's true, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. They comeback. They started with instrumental album Suara Lainnya (packed as a bonus of this book) and now with their new band name, Noah, I'm sure they will again fascinate their fans, Sahabat Noah.