The Not-So-Amazing Life of @aMrazing

Author: Alexander Thian
Publisher: GagasMedia
Year of Publication: 2012
Pages: 220

Human is one of the most interesting object to learn. Alexander Thian writes his observation about human and all their behavior in this book. No, it's not a scientific book. In fact it's a light book. As a cell phone shopkeeper  in one mall, he deals with all kind of human there. From a normal one until a unique one. Here it is a compilation of all different kinds of customers that Alex met there.

Alex tells his stories in a simple yet witty way. Actually no new things here. Some of the stories told seems familiar to me since it's everyday life stories. I've read them somewhere or even experienced them myself. But we will be still entertained and smile for some stories since Alex is quite good in delivering them. Alex doesn't only tell about funny things, he also puts some touching stuff and sends his message, such as about not judging somebody from his/her look in Don't Judge the Heart by the Look or the price of honesty in  Jujur Itu Mahal!.  

There are fourteen stories here. If you need a simple book to cheer you up a little bit, perhaps this is the one.