Tetap Lezat Walau Minim Minyak

Author: Threes Emir
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: June 2012
Pages: 95

Cooking is not my thing but eating is, haha...Thank God, I have mbak Yoyoh, our domestic helper, who cooks for us. Mbak Yoyoh's food is okay for me and also for the whole family members but one thing I notice, she loves frying everything. Everyday there is always one oily dish in our menu. I provide her with some cooking books to add her recipe collections but still the oily food is there, whoaaa...

One day I came across this book in Gramedia bookshop, I guess this book is just what I am looking for. The author told the reason why she wrote this book was due to her medical check up result that shows her cholesterol was a bit high. She thought that the best way to normalize her cholesterol was by reducing fried food. At first she thought it was going to be very limited food but after she opened many  recipes books and watched cooking programs on cable TV, finally she could collect some interesting recipes and by doing some modification, she found out that the taste of the dishes were as good as the dishes that using oil.

The book is divided into seven section, first for Aneka Nasi then, Aneka Sup, Aneka Sayuran, Daging, Ayam, Ikan and Tahu Tempe. Since they use very minimal oil in their dishes therefore most of the dishes are steamed or grilled. I ..well.. I mean mbak Yoyoh tried some recipes and the taste were quite yummy. Simple but healthy food. According to the author, by consuming this kind of food, we can reduce our cholesterol and weight. The author has proved it. Now it's our turn.