Mom's Scream is the Best Melody

Out of the blue Najla asked me to buy her an alarm clock. She said that since she's already been in second grade at school, she thinks it's time for her to wake up by herself without any 'interference' from her mom. Well...okay big girl, your wish is my command:)

I finally bought her a small-cute-pinky alarm clock. Najla was soooo excited. At night before she went to bed, she set up the alarm clock to be ringing at 5.30 a.m sharp. 

The d-day was here, that morning I just sat down in the sofa reading a book while waiting for the alarm clock to be ringing. When the alarm rang, I just waited outside Najla's bedroom but when I heard that the alarm kept ringing while neither Najla nor Zea showed up, I smell something wrong here. I opened the bedroom door and found out that both of my daughters slept peacefully while the alaram clock was there ringing continuously. It seemed that the alarm sound was too soft for them instead of waking up they though it's a lullaby or something.

Eventually mom had to do something. Back to the old habit, calling their name,'s 5.30, time to wake up, c'mon, hurry up...So far this simple morning call is quite effective. Nothing beats mom's morning call. Mom's scream is always be the best melody.