Five Years of Blogging

High technology, latest gadget, and the like are not my cup of tea. Having a blog would never cross my mind. How could I manage it? Thank God, when I still worked at my previous office, I once had close relationship with a guy who loved to deal with gadgets and all high-tech stuffs, he's the one who introduced and assisted me with my early blog. 

Since I love writing, having a blog is surely a heaven to me while the guy who helped me with my blog has stopped posting in his blog ages ago since like other 'resigned' bloggers are more interested in involving in social media, such as FaceBook and Twitter instead of managing blogs.  

Been 5 years now of having my own blog. Instead of getting bored, I even feel more love towards it. My resolution for this 5th anniversary of blogging is to keep posting more often with various kind of topics. I will try my best although sometimes all the postings are still in my head since lately it's so difficult to have a me-time for blogging, yep..another excuse of a person who fails to manage her time *sigh*.

So far, what do I get in five years of blogging? Lots of things of course. I can express my feeling, my opinion, my thoughts, my reflections, my everything, besides I also got several best blogger friends, although we have never met but the relationships grow more intense everyday. Perhaps, that's just one of the blogging power. I am sure there are still lots of them therefore I plan not to stop blogging. Not now. Not later. Never.