Easy Like Sunday Morning

Last Sunday morning, Najla and Zea were invited to their friend's birthday. As usual there is always a drama every time my girls get an invitation. I realize that our two girls have a different point of view toward the invitation. Najla is completely happy while Zea on the other hand will show no enthusiasm at all. The bigger they are, the clearer it is shown that Najla enjoys being with people while Zea prefers her solitude (as long as she has her books). It also happened that Sunday morning, Najla was busy choosing her birthday dress and the accessories while Zea seemed preoccupied. When Najla asked her sister, "Zea, kok nggak siap-siap pakai baju bagus?", Zea answered in a calm tone, "Lho...aku kan nggak ikut ke ulang tahun. Nanti aku tunggu di luar saja sama Mama." And she proved it, at the birthday party she just entered the room to congratulate the birthday boy and then left the place and sat quietly next to me outside the party venue. What a girl!

Back to the birthday party itself, it's actually just an ordinary birthday party which was celebrated in one of fast food restaurant. But one special thing that I noticed was the goody bag, yes it still had snack, rice chicken and everything but one thing that attracted my attention was the cute cactus with a pink handling. I read the hanging note at the pink handling, it explains about how to take care of the cactus. It turns out to be quite simple. I guess this is one small step in supporting our kids to start loving the plants. If they enjoy the process, hope they will love dealing with flowers, trees and the like in order to preserve our green earth. Even a very tiny 'green' thing will never be wasted.   


alaya January 29, 2013 at 3:20 PM  

keren banget dapat tanaman. bisa dipelihara :)

miamembaca January 29, 2013 at 4:37 PM  

Anak Mbak unyu-unyu bangeet >.<

Ide kaktus itu menarik sekali!! Berguna dan tidak sekedar pemanis yang membuat gigi lubang :p

riana January 31, 2013 at 9:35 AM  

@alaya: iya..ide menarik, mungkin bisa dijadikan goody bag ultah jingga tahun ini? :p

@mia: iya mi, makin besar mereka makin unyu, haha...yg happy terima kaktus sebetulnya mamanya, kalo anak2 sih biasa aja:)