The Color Therapy

In the old days, I used to wear anything with brown aspect. Almost all my blouses, handbags, shoes, etc were dominated by brown color. I didn't know the exact reason. I just loved it. Since my stuffs were in brown color therefore every time I wear some new things, people wouldn't notice:)

People change and so do I. It's all started when I saw Cirebon batik. With its bright color and beautiful pattern, the batik fabric successfully attracted my whole attention. Since then on I just realized, how pity I was to miss that beautiful bright color. Now the bright color is almost on every stuffs I have and also my girls' stuffs. Moreover when I decided to wear hijab, the urge to mix and match the color among the blouse, pants, outside hijab, inside hijab, bag and shoes were getting more and more (ouch...I started to react like a model). No...I am not an impulsive shopper *denial*, I just feel that these bright colors definitely can boost my mood. Look at those pictures above, the colors are just to beautiful to ignore. I once also posted about color here.

Finally I come to a conclusion that color is magic. It might easily influence us, either inside and outside. Our appearance and our mood will automatically influence our surrounding. When we are happy, the positive feeling will come out, it shows in our face and heart and eventually will affect the people around us. That's the power of color. The color therapy.