From a Peaceful Valley to an Exotic Banana Leaf

We enjoyed a short getaway to Bandung last weekend. We didn't have any special agenda actually, we just wanted to rest and relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Since Bandung recently known as one of the crowded city during weekend therefore we chose this beautiful hotel, Padma Hotel,  on the purpose that we could just stay in the hotel and enjoyed the surrounding. Furthermore during weekend, the hotel provides several activities for kids, beside swimming (my girls' most favorite activities), there is also drawing class, outbound, flying fox, etc. While for the adults, it provides yoga class with a good instructor.

To our surprise, Bandung's traffic was friendly enough last weekend. We still could go to Dago and had lunch at Kampung Daun, Lembang within proper hour. Unfortunately it's raining when we're at Kampung Daun therefore we couldn't take pictures.We just enjoyed the food, rested for a while and went back to our hotel.

On Sunday afternoon, before we left Bandung, we had a special lunch at Alas Daun. Actually it's just a restaurant with Sundanese food but what makes it special is instead of providing  plates for food, it serves the food on a fresh banana leaf. How exotic! Najla and Zea seemed so amazed to find out that the rice and the side dishes can be put on the banana leaf.  A new experience is always exciting. 


alaya March 6, 2013 at 4:39 PM  

i love padma hotel and kampung daun. tapi belum pernah ke alas daun.

riana March 9, 2013 at 10:26 AM  

@alaya: you should try. they provide good food with reasonable price :)