The Little House Books

The Little House Books are one of my all-time-favorite serial. I still remember I read them all during my elementary years (in the 1980s) along with the movie serial that were broadcasted on the one and only TV station, TVRI. Everybody will easily loves Laura Ingalls Wilder. She's such a spirited and courageous girl. Following her life stories are quite an enjoyment.

Actually I plan to give the books to my girls, but I consider the books might be too thick and the content are too hard to understand for them. Fortunately, last weekend when we visited Gramedia bookstore, we found other version of the Little House books published by BPK Gunung Mulia. These ones are designed for children. Therefore they are simply adapted from the original Little House Books. The books are bilingual and completed with  beautiful illustrations. There are 14 books in whole. We just bought two of them. Zea has started to read it. Hope she enjoys it as much as her mom does.