Holiday Mood is Still in the Air
The Ceramic Studio

A Kalimantan Fried Banana and a Fresh Ice Mango
In One of Bedrooms inside F.Widayanto's house
The Singers wannabe:)
School holiday is still in the air. Najla and Zea spent their time with their nieces last Friday. We planned to do something different. After browsed here and there I decided to take them to Rumah Keramik F. Widayanto. I checked the website and found out that the place and activities there were going to be fun. 

We arrived early around 10 in the morning (the house is open from 9am-4pm). The place was still quite. We turned out to b the first visitor. A guide welcomed us and took us around those green-peaceful area. It's a huge place. Full of trees, a wide variety of plants, well-trimmed grass, unique designed of building and decoration, such a very beautiful place. We visited several places including the main house, F. Widayanto's house, the house full of high quality art collections, made me tense and kept warning the girls not to run and to touch anything in the house:) 

We also visited the gallery. It provides and sells many great ceramic collection from house ware, accessories, ceramic for the kitchen and bathroom and many more. Then we continued the adventure by doing fun with the clay. Yes the girls would learn how to make those great ceramic. A tutor was also there to assist us with the clay and to help us turning the clay into beautiful ceramic. After finished with the ceramic stuff, we took a rest and enjoyed the snacks and fresh beverages at pendopo. Other visitors were starting to come. Before it's getting too crowded, we left the place. 

We ended the day by dropping by at a karaoke. The girls were excited in fact they had already  made a songs list. Glad to know that they're happy and now it's time for Mama to think about other activities since the holiday is not finished yet.