Time does Fly

Zea in 2007
Zea in 2013
The Hula-hula Dancers
We attended Zea's graduation day last weekend. After spending three years at her kindergarten, finally it's time for her to finish it and start a new challenge. Although she's been there at her school for three years but Zea is Zea. She still prefers to read a book than mingle with her friends. Even her teacher told me that the teachers sometimes run out of ideas how to attract Zea's attention and made her MOVE. When the teachers asked her to get together with her friends and did some activities with her friends, she would ask, "can I just stay here and read my book?". What a consistent girl.

That's Zea. She always has difficulties in waking up early in the morning (her mom thinks hard how to change this habit when she goes to elementary school this coming July). No wonder if she always came late to school. But that's not a problem for Zea. She just enjoyed the days. Nothing freaks her out. While the school hours finished and sometimes I hadn't come yet to pick her up, instead of playing with her friends, she would just stand still near school gate calmly. Ignoring the playground, the swing, the slide, etc. She wanted nothing but headed home. Back to her potato couch.  

Perhaps her shyness that made her uncomfortable being with many people or in my hubby's opinion she just didn't find any chemistry with her friends. When her friends're still busy playing hide and seek, monkey bar, etc, Zea'd already been drowning in her imagination while reading the Shakespeare's stories. Well...it could be. Whatever it is dear Zea, mama and ayah will keep our continuous support. You could be anything you want. Anything at all. 

Honestly I am a bit nervous and at the same time curious waiting for Zea entering her elementary school. Hopefully she could be more sociable and of course enjoy her new surrounding. Let's rock it, baby.  


Hani June 17, 2013 at 11:26 AM  

happy "real" school day Zea. enjoy your new adventures :)

riana June 17, 2013 at 10:21 PM  

thank you auntie hani:)