If Only a Day is More than 24 Hours...

This week is full of hectic days. I just feel that I don't have enough time for everything. It seems that there are so many things to do yet so little time. It was all begun when I got an offer to give lecture for two new subjects, sounds so interesting at first. In fact I always have mixed feeling about new subjects to teach, excited and tense at the same time. 

There it goes, I said yes and directly got soooooo many materials to deliver. I must be ready to transfer those material to the students. While at the same time I still have obligation to finish the marking of my existing students. Well...the stress begins to come. I am so caught up with these teaching stuff. I have to read many materials related to the teaching, preparing the slides, modifying the assignment, etc. 

Still I consider that teaching is exciting. Having new subject to teach is even more exciting. It's challenging. Yes, it's 'killing' you sometimes at the beginning but at the moment you absorb it, it's going to be fun. Moreover when you have the opportunity to teach the same subject for next term, it's double fun. You just need to 'retouch' your material bits and pieces but the rest of it is already there. 

Really hope that next week my days will be back to normal again. I do miss my reading time, in this case my novel not the teaching material of course. Can't hardly wait for the weekend.