Guru Gokil Murid Unyu

Author: J. Sumardianta
Publisher: Penerbit Bentang
Publication date: April 2013
Pages: 306

Aku melarikan diri dari kelas-kelas yang mengajar,
tetapi tidak mengilhamiku.
Dan aku memperoleh kepekaan 
terhadap hidup serta alam.

--Rabindranath Tagore

Welcome to a digital era, the era where young people called alay a.k.a anak layangan. A generation with speedboat mental who likes to run fast over a shallow water surface while in this kind of situation a teacher must keep up with the students. The teachers are not only asked to swim but must be transformed into a submarine who take the students slowly in getting an in-depth meaning of life. 

Students now are different with students in the old days. They are very critical. They can't sit still. They want to move. Some of them are very creative but they don't know how to execute neither their creativity nor their dreams. Therefore the teachers must become the facilitator. The era of becoming  a  'killer teacher'  has passed. Instead of making the students afraid of the teachers and considered them as their enemies, teachers now must get ready to become a friendly teacher with a driver and winner mental and also a good listener.

Since I resigned from my 9-to-5 work three years ago and decided to become a lecturer, I experienced myself that the world of education now is totally different. If in the old days students will sit still and listen to the teachers, but now most of the students are equipped with latest gadgets such as iphone, ipad, laptop, blackberry, etc. During classes, some of them are usually busy with their gadgets, pretending to listen to the lecture notes while actually playing games. When there are some assignments with close due date, they suddenly will keep terrorizing their lecturers with e-mails and asking for consultation session in order to get good scores. 

According to the author, being a mean teacher is soooo... last decade, if you notice that your students look bored with the delivered material, it's time for that teacher to do introspection and find a way to attract students attention. If the students realize how interesting your topic is, without forcing them, you automatically will win their hearts.

The author, J. Sumardianta,  is a high school teacher at Kolese John De Britto Yogjakarta with 20 years experiences. Beside teaching he is also a freelance writer in Kompas, Tempo and Jawa Pos. The author is definitely a man with a deep passion of teaching.  He explores a wide range of education, from school curriculum, a teacher without any passion to teach, lack of reading habit, nowadays students characters, and the like, and delivers all topics  in details. The author starts his writing with a quote and inspiring story before discussing the main issue in an interesting way.

Honestly I learn a lot from this book. It opens my eyes that there are so many things to consider in becoming a good teacher. Even from the author's own story of life, I  also get life lesson, such as the reason why he loves reading very much or why he prefers to write a book review instead of a recent opinion. A very inspiring book.

I highly recommend this book for everyone. For those dealing in education system, for  parents who want to know more about the essence of education in order to choose the best method for your kids or for anyone who wants to enrich yourself with new insights. I promise at the time you finish the book, your point of view on education will change. Definitely a must read.