Dentist Time

There was time when Najla had a nightmare every time we mentioned about visiting a dentist. It was all because her first experience with a dentist was not too good. Actually I got the dentist's name from a friend since at that time I had no experience with a dentist for children. My friend recommended me to a pedodontist or a pediatric dentist (a health care professional concerned with the dental care and treatment of children) who practiced at one of big hospitals in Jakarta.

I contacted the hospital and found out that the pedodontist had lots of patients and if I registered at that time, I would get my turn on the next two weeks, whew! I felt shocked and surprised for the same time to know those facts and thought how great this pedodontist supposed to be.

On the d-day, I brought Najla there. Since my expectation was so high, I was a bit disappointed to see the way the pedodontist treated his patient.It's Najla's first experience, no wonder if she got a bit stressed, she was screaming, crying and kicking all the medical stuff there and I saw that the pedodontist still forced her to give the medical treatment. At first I though he would take a break for a while and calmed Najla down, but perhaps since there were lots of patients were queuing outside his practicing room therefore he needed to finish every patient in a short time. Those unfriendly treatment of the pedodontist made Najla's lips swollen on the next day but the worst impact was her trauma over the dentist issue. 

Until one day when we browsed around a mall, out of the blue my hubby saw a dental clinic among the wardrobe outlets. Since the atmosphere was relaxed and Najla didn't realize what kind of place it was, we could take Najla in and got treatment peacefully. Actually the doctor is not a pedodontist, she is just a dentist but I admired her way to convince Najla that everything would be alright, nothing to be worried about. There's also a reward for a brave patient, they will get a colorful teeth necklace, you can even choose the color according to your favorite one. How nice.

Those friendly experiences brings positive impacts, there are no more nightmares or trauma over the dentist and even Zea is also excited to visit the dentist since she knows after her teeth checked, she could ask her father to take her to Gramedia bookstore nearby. Yes, she is a girl with a hidden agenda!

Well...those teeth issues  teach me a lesson that it's not a smart and popular specialist we need but a simple doctor with a heart does. I remember a line who says, "Being a doctor is good, being a merchant is also good, but if you combine both, it won't be good anymore."    


Anonymous May 9, 2013 at 7:34 PM  

Yay, good job Najla and Zea :)

Lain kali pas ke Bali mampir ke saya sekalian yuk Mbaak, quote di akhir postingan mengena sekali :)

riana May 12, 2013 at 6:46 AM  

@Mia: Siappp bu dokter cantik, wuahhh...Najla & Zea pasti excited ketemu dirimu *mamanya juga* :D