Bookmark: A Small Thing with A Big Use

Yay...two new bookmarks
some of my remained bookmarks
 A book freak and a book mark will definitely make a good couple. In the old days collecting bookmarks is one of my hobbies beside collecting stamps, stickers, name label, etc. Every time I visited a book store, I would not only looked for a new book but I also tried to find a new cute bookmark. Since I lent my books including the bookmarks to many friends, I just realized that my bookmarks collection was getting less and less. Perhaps the bookmarks left at my friends' house or they're also hiding somewhere at my parents' house (the bookmarks I mean, not my friends, LOL).

For some people, bookmark is not so important. Of course this is for people who are a fast reader or people with strong memory who never have any difficulties in remembering the last page they read. My hubby is also a book freak and he has no bookmarks at all. He uses everything he met for his bookmarks. No wonder if I found a parking ticket, a tissue or a payment receipt in the middle of the book he reads. Nothing is wrong with that. People have their own habit and we must respect that.
Recently, the older I get, the less bookmarks I have. I rarely buy any new bookmarks now. I get the bookmarks from anyone anywhere. Sometimes I get it from the publishers who also provide bookmarks for the book they publish. Other time I get it from several bookstores which like to give a bookmark as a bonus for the books we buy. For me (as a person with weak memory), bookmark is still important. As long as I still read book (in fact, I can't imagine if I have no book to read), bookmark will always have important part in my life. I know I begin to sound too much, haha....

Yesterday I got new bookmarks from Ferina, one of my bookworm blogger friends. The bookmarks are special since they have wayang (shadow puppet) on the display. Been quite long I have no new bookmarks.  These new ones will definitely get along together with their other bookmark friends. Terima kasih banyak ya, Fer! 


ferina May 16, 2013 at 4:47 PM  

hope you like it, mbak :)
hehehe.. kalo aku juga apa bisa jadi bookmark - bisa tag dari baju yang lucu-lucu, name tag, kartu nama..

coba deh buka: unik :)

riana May 20, 2013 at 9:34 AM  

dear ferina, wuahhhh...I like it banget, hehe...tengkiuwww..ya

I'll check the link:)