A Short Getaway: Belitung

Tanjung Pendam Beach
A Light House at Lengkuas Island
The yummy Mie Belitung and super fresh drink, Jeruk Kunci Ice
SD Muhammadyah (Laskar Pelangi School), East Belitung
Museum Andrea Hirata, East Belitung
Last weekend I had a three-day-journey with three friends in Belitung. I have been in love with Belitung since I finished reading Andrea Hirata's works, Laskar Pelangi serial. I once promised myself that one day I have to go there and see with my own eyes those giant granite in the middle of Belitung ocean. 

After several postponement finally the trip itinerary was fixed. I had been assigned as the arranger for this trip. I browsed here and there to get as many information as possible before I decided to hire an Event Organizer, Belitung Trans, in order to arrange all our necessities there in Belitung. It turned out that the EO was very professional and  friendly. The guide, Pak Empong was so patient in handling four-talkative-emak-emak.  

We arrived on Friday morning and planned to have breakfast at the most famous Mie Belitung stall named Mie Belitung Atep at Sriwijaya Street. Too bad the place was still closed since we came so early before 8 a.m. We finally headed to our hotel, Bahamas, a nice and cozy hotel with a beach view at the back of the hotel.

The adventure had just begun, we went around East Belitung on the first day. We visited several beaches on the way there then continued to Manggar, Kota 1000 Warung Kopi (A city with 1000 coffee stall) and happened to see SD Muhammadyah, a school where Laskar Pelangi children once studied. Although this school building is actually just a replica (since the real school has been renovated into a proper school) but Andrea Hirata tried to make it looked like the original one. We also visited Museum Kata Andrea Hirata, this is the first literary museum in Indonesia. We can see lots of Andrea Hirata's works here including his books, pictures, short story collection, etc.

On the second day we did islands hoping. We got on a boat and went around the islands there. We also climbed out to almost 200 stairs in the antique light house at Lengkuas Island. Although the light house was built in 1882 but it is still functioned well up until now. Belitung has many islands and beautiful beaches. The sand in the beach is cleaned-white, there is no wave, all is calm, in fact it doesn't look like an ocean but it seems more like a river since it's so peaceful there. Not to mention those magnificent granites in Tanjung Tinggi  and many more. They're just too amazing.

I am thinking to go back to Belitung and take my family there. Najla and Zea sure are going to love the beaches, do swimming, play with the beautiful white sand and climb up to the giant granite. It's going to be fun. Last but not least I must salute Andrea Hirata, he's one of Belitung heroes. If there is no Laskar Pelangi serial, I don't think I will come to Belitung and experienced a very good time.  


ferina May 22, 2013 at 8:26 AM  

wuah.. pengen...!!

riana May 22, 2013 at 8:10 PM  

@ferina: ajak Mika deh, pasti suenenggg banget, lautnya dangkal, tenang, pasirnya putih bersih, anak2 pasti suka, mamanya juga, haha...:)