A Short Getaway: Jogjakarta

Inside Jogja's Palace
Sekar Kedhaton Resto on the way to Borobudur Temple
We could see the Borobudur temple up there

Some of the special menu from Sultan's Palace

We visited Jogja last weekend. This was the first experience for Najla and Zea. No wonder if they were so excited. Since we only had three days to spend there, we tried to be as efficient as possible so we could visit the important spots. We chose the first flight. Although the girls were a bit sleepy on the way there but their excitement conquered everything. We hired a car plus a guide to take us around Jogja. We started by having breakfast at Soto Kadipiro then headed to Jogja's Palace. 

We dropped by at some batik shops on the way to our cultural world heritage, Borobudur Temple. The guide said there's gerabah village near Borobudur temple. We took andong to go to the village. It's a fun ride. The road was kind of narrow, long and winding but we really enjoyed the blowing wind and of course those peaceful-breathtaking views. It's an exciting things for the girls to see the Merapi mountain, the farming, the rice field and feeling the fresh air. 

On the second day we decided to have leyeh-leyeh day at our hotel, Jambuluwuk Malioboro. It's such a nice hotel. After having breakfast, the girls jumped into the swimming pool. In the afternoon we took becak from the hotel and headed to Malioboro. "Wow...such a long road and sooo many shops around here", exclaimed Najla and Zea when they arrived at Malioboro for the first time.

We planned to have something special on our last evening in Jogja. We asked the taxi driver to take us to the Palace area and dropped us at Gadri Resto. The restaurant's building is the house of Prince Joyohadikusumo, the brother of Hamengkubuwono X. So that evening we had a very special dinner. We could taste the palace's secret recipes. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the antiques collections, and of course the food and beverage.

Everything must have an ending and so did our holiday. We had to go back to Jakarta. Although it's just a short getaway but the happiness fulfills our hearts up until now. We call it the magic of holiday.  



ferina June 20, 2013 at 3:17 PM  

jadi kangen pengen ke jogja

riana June 22, 2013 at 7:46 PM  

@ferina: ayooo..ajak Mika, pasti seneng dehhh:)