Anna and Elsa

Ready to visit a friend's birthday party
Najla and Zea are still in love with Frozen the movie. I think all girls will do love it (even I do). They keep watching the movie and keep singing the soundtrack Let it Go over and over again. They said that the movie's theme is a kind of their story, a story about two sisters with different characters, Zea said she's Anna and Najla said she's more into Elsa.

Actually it's just a classic Disney movie with a simple story. It turns out that its simplicity that captures lots of girls' hearts and at last it received Oscars for the best animated feature and the best original song. Quite an achievement.

When the girls' grandma said she's busy sewing frozen dresses for the girls. They're thrilled. They can't wait to have it. Finally the moment came, two packages from grandma arrived. They're over the moon. Luckily their friend invited them for a birthday party. It's just a perfect moment for them to wear the beautiful dresses and acted as Anna and Elsa. 


ferina March 11, 2014 at 8:52 AM  

aku juga suka Frozen!!! Udah lama gak ngeliat film Disney yang ada lagu2 kerennya :)

riana March 11, 2014 at 10:09 AM  

@ferina: iyaaa...sama *toss* disney tetep juara bikin film kartun klasik dg lagu2 keren :))