Maya's Notebook

Title: Maya's Notebook
Author: Isabel Allende
Publisher: Harper, 2013
387 pages
Pain like that. Pain of the soul, does not go away with remedies, therapy, or vacations. You simply endure it deep down, fully, as you should.
I guess I just finished reading one of the best books in 2014. A book written by a master storyteller Isabel Allende. She proves again in her latest book, Maya's Notebook that she's one of the greatest living writers.

This is a story of Maya Vidal, a nineteen-year-old girl from Berkeley, California. Since she neglected by her parents, Maya at last is raised by her grandparents, her grandma known as Nini, a very strong Chilean old lady who described by Maya just like Don Corleone, the mafioso since she can do everything she wants. and her grandpa, Popo, is an African American astronomer and professor. Having loved abundantly by Nini and Popo therefore when Popo dies of cancer, Maya's world turns upside down. She turns to drugs, alcohol, crime, and is chased by a gang of assassins, the police, the FBI and Interpol. It's her Nini who finally helps her to escape to a remote island off the coast of Chile known as Chiloe island. 

Allende is a master at developing strong characters and an engaging plot. As usual she also delivers a great exposition of the differences between American and Latino culture. Thus from this entertaining reading experience (I enjoy many conversation here between Maya and her Nini and Popo and also with people in Chiloe island), we also will enjoy the strong characters, culture and recent Chilean history. Told with deep feeling, this thrilling yet touching story will haunt you for days (in fact after reading about how peaceful Maya's life in Chiloe island is, I browsed the place and to my excitement  I found that the island exists). Check here for more info about Chiloe island.
"You're in communication with heaven, Father. You don't need a computer."
"Even in heaven now, they've got Facebook this days, my child."
         (a conversation between Liliana Travino (Maya's friend) and Father Lyon).


alaya April 7, 2014 at 6:42 PM  

i love isabel allende. i should get this one too :)
thanks for the info ;)

riana April 8, 2014 at 8:49 PM  

@alaya: my pleasure. Allende's work is always stunning ..:)