Title: 1984
Author: George Orwell
Interpreter: Landung Simatupang
Publisher: Bentang, 
2014/392 pages

Musuh terbesarmu, pikirnya ialah sistem sarafmu sendiri. Setiap saat tegangan di dalam dirimu dapat saja menerjemahkan dirinya menjadi segala hal yang kasat mata.

1984 is always be in my wish list book. I know this is a must read book since it is considered as one of the most significant novels in 20th century. Translated into more than 65 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide, giving the author George Orwell a unique place in world literature. Even TIME magazine in 2005 chose this novel as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923. 

Then why do I keep postponing to buy and read this book? Well...I know this is not an easy book to read.  In fact I have to struggle to absorb all important issues stated in the book. It's going to be such a useless things to do if I just read the book without understand the real content of it.  

When I came across this book in bahasa version at Gramedia bookshop and found out the one who translated the book is Landung Simatupang, one of the most respected person in literature, I was over the moon. Nevertheless although I read the book in bahasa but still there are to many complicated things to digest therefore this book definitely not a book that could be finished within short period. You just need time to ponder towards many things stated in there.

Why is the novel so popular? What exactly is the topic of the novel? 1984 is a novel written down in 1948. It's a classic novel in content, plot and style. What makes this novel special is Orwell's horrific prediction toward the future in 1984. The setting is in London during a perpetual war, public manipulation, under strict control of the government that considers all individualism and independent thinking as 'thoughtcrimes'. Police, hidden tele screen and microphone are everywhere making privacy is such a fantasy. Even history is rewritten according to government's instruction. Government has a full authority towards its citizen. Someone with different thought and opinion will be diminished. 

1984 presents a startling and haunting vision of the world. It's written so powerful that is completely convincing from start to finish. This book also comes out with an adjective Orwellian which refers to anything repressive or totalitarian. Orwell constructs such a horrific version of the hell. It's definitely the most terrifying novel ever written. When Orwell wrote this novel, he's not in his best condition in fact he suffered from tuberculosis perhaps that might had a lot to do with the gloominess that is one of the essential aspect of the novel. Seven months after this novel published, Orwell passed away. The books became a hit.

Although year 1984 has come and gone but what Orwell wrote is still relevant with recent condition. People up until now are still struggling for their lives. Corrupted government and dictatorship also exist still.  A haunting narration. A big read.

This book also has been adapted into a screen. Check here.