JALANAN (the Movie)

Title: Jalanan 
Director: Daniel Ziv
Writers: Ernest Hariyanto, Daniel Ziv

Happiness is in your heart. Not elsewhere. This line is definitely into this movie.  A documentary movie made by a Canadian, Daniel Ziv, who captures a life of three buskers (street musician) Boni, Ho and Titi. If you think the movie will talk about how hard being a poor busker who has no permanent job or a house or proper food etc, you're totally wrong. What makes this movie special is how Daniel as the director delivers a story from different angle. Look at the happy faces at those three buskers. They never regret or curse their lives. On the other hand they enjoy it. Every single day. How positive these people are. I envy them a lot.  

As a documentary movie, Daniel started the movie without any scrip and just followed these three characters for quite a long time 5-6 years without knowing where this story would end. Until  finally some things  happened to Boni, Ho and Titi and Daniel decided this movie could finish here.

Never enjoying a music documentary this much. This movie is awesome. Leave me with a mixed feeling and lots of new insights to ponder. Highly recommended. Perhaps this week will be the last week for the movie. It is still played at Blok M Square, Plaza Senayan and Blitz Grand Indonesia. Go watch it. You won't regret it.