Title: Wanderlove
Author: Kirsten Hubbard
Translator: Nina Andiana
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Published January 2014
456 pages
"Kalau uang bukan masalah untuk mu, kenapa kau jadi backpacker?"
"Kau pikir cuma orang-orang bangkrut yang bisa jadi backpacker?"
Just like other teenagers, Bria Sandoval, a 18-year-old-girl, has problems over ex-boyfriend, her two best friends, her parents, and her life. Tired of all of these stuff, she finally decides to escape. Although she's not the kind of person that can travel across the world as a solo traveler but one day she sign up for a tour to Central America.

Unfortunately joining a tour group is not Bria's thing. After meeting Rowan, a devoted backpacker and a dive instructor with his outspoken sister, Starling, Bria finally leaves the tour group and gets together with Rowan and Starling to explore Guatemala.

Bria is an artist before her ex-boyfriend destroys her confidence in drawing but still she always brings her sketchbook around with her all time. When one day she lost her camera along the trip, she decides to just enjoy the scenery, the atmosphere and draws the best of them. Bria and Rowan's relationship is also built along the way. As teenagers they argue over everything however their strong characters and their witty conversations truly capture my heart. This unplanned trip changes Bria and Rowan's life forever. At first they discover that they're both seeking to leave behind the old version of themselves and later on they realize that they must keep moving forward. 
"Aku menyadari bahwa kadang, apa yang paling kau cintai adalah apa yang harus kau perjuangkan paling keras agar bisa tetap kau miliki."
The author Kirsten Hubbard is a travel writer and an artist herself therefore she could describe lots of beautiful places in Central America vividly. I also adore the awesome sketches scattering throughout the story. A feel-good book. Romantic, smart and funny.
"Percayalah padaku. Bahkan saat kehidupan memberikan hal yang berbeda daripada yang tadinya kau rencanakan, tetap akan lebih baik jika kau mencoba dan gagal daripada terus bertanya-tanya apa yang terjadi jika kau melakukannya."
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