A Short Getaway: Bandung

A pre-wedding scene at Summer Hills Hotel & Villa
Our cousin and his family from Australia visited us for a week. They asked us to accompany them spending holiday in Bandung on weekdays since they will return to Brisbane on weekend. Actually it's such a tempting request however it's not school holiday yet, what should I do with the girls' school? After discussing it with my hubby finally we decided to let the girls skipped their school (since they don't see their cousin too often) and we both will rearrange our work deadline as well. I contacted the girls' teachers for a three-day-permission and to my surprise they let them go. Thanks a lot, teachers!!!!
Feeding the ducks at Lembang Floating Market
We left Jakarta in the morning. Bandung on weekdays were so very friendly. We could visit many beautiful places and enjoy many stuffs everywhere in a nice atmosphere, no crowd at all. 
Colorful toys at Lembang Floating Market
We stayed in a three-bedroom-villa at Summer Hills. It's a nice place. The girls enjoyed the swimming pool, the playground, the pets (bunny and birds) and just run along the grass field. On the next day, there was a pre-wedding photo session at our villa thus we could use the scene to take some pics on our own :)
A cozy ambience at Maja House, Lembang
A quote at Maja House, Lembang

Exploring science at Trans Studio Bandung
According to Najla and Zea, three favorite places on this trip were: Lembang Floating Market, Maja House ( a cozy resto at Lembang area) and Trans Studio. Okay girls, noted. Having a holiday on weekdays are really something.