Age won't Lie

#LatePost #WeekendStory

My daughter, Najla, handed me a pink invitation card last week while saying, "My teacher is getting married." I opened the invitation, reading and notifying all important info. One day before the D-day, I told my hubby about the invitation. He agreed to accompany us to the wedding party.

Last Sunday we were on the location. Lucky us, we could easily get a parking space. At the moment we wanted to enter the wedding reception hall, I noticed different names of the bride and the groom stated on the welcoming board. They're not Najla's teachers name. My hubby asked the security guard whether there's other reception hall in the area. While the conversation took place, I just felt that something wrong here.

Since we left the invitation card in the car, my hubby asked all of us to return to our car and re-check it. The day checked, the hour checked, the location checked but the date is….December 14 while that day was December 7. How could I miss such an important info? Yes..I know, it's an old age nothing but old age #CountingTheGreyHair. My hubby said nothing since for the past one week he already left two bags in the flight cabin and realised his belonging at home hours later #TenggakGibolanBareng.


ferina December 16, 2014 at 1:47 PM  

ketawa boleh gak? :D

riana December 18, 2014 at 8:21 AM  

#ferina: hahaha....kalo diinget sekarang lucu tapi pas kejadian sih...miris :p