The Last Day in 2014

It's the last day in 2014. I guess this year does fly. This morning started by drizzling rain but I still managed to go to the nearby yoga studio. I've been absent several times due to this and that. During December usually the studio is not too full since many yogis members are having holiday. Therefore I only met five yogis friends.  We practiced for 1,5 hours.

Feeling fresh after the practicing, my yogis friends asked us to have a year-end-lunch. We definitely said yes (I guess my appetite always gets stronger every time I finish my yoga practice #excuse). We decided to enjoy Balinese Cuisine by having crispy duck, sate lilit and their signature sambal at Bebek Tepi Sawah, Citos.

The rain was still on even after we finished our lunch but we didn't complain since people said that rain in a new year's eve means  prosperity, amen. Wish all the good things in 2015, happy new year!!!