Christmas Getaway: Novus Puncak

Puncak and its breathtaking view
We spent the last three days in Puncak area. Yep, the traffic is quite hectic. The good thing about Puncak area is it has one-way traffic arrangement thus we just wait the right hour to go up there and decide the time to go down home.
A Cold Swimming Pool
The Girls Favorite Jacuzzi
We stayed at Novus Giri Resort and Spa. With the cold air, nice athmosphere and non-stop raining, we decided to just stay in the hotel.  The hotel is quite kids friendly. It has a Rabbit Village. It's a well-maintained garden full of cute-fat rabbits. We found a cute rabbit wearing a santa hat. The girls proposed, "Can we bring it home, Ma?'  Well...not now baby, when then? Someday in the future (or perhaps never. Yes, I am a mean mom when it comes to pet). The hotel's Kids Club also exciting. The girls played there then continued swimming although they couldn't swim  too long since the water was too cold but Thank God, the hotel provided a jacuzzi with warm water that made the girls just wanted to stay there all day long. Pony-riding and  flying fox activity also available. 

Rabbit in Santa Costume
We left the hotel only to have our meal. Even on our last days we just ordered the room service and enjoyed our meals in the room. The girls loved it, Zea said "when in the world will mom let me eat on the bed instead in the hotel room?''s a double-standard rule, no eating on the bed at home but allow them do it at the hotel (sorry housekeeping department).  It's a holiday aniyway, let's us just do anything we want and forget about mom-rules for a while. Happy holiday, everybody!!!