Crazy Rich Asians

Title: Crazy Rich Asian
Author: Kevin Kwan
Anchor Books, New York, Feb 2014
529 pages

Just like other readers, I am also curious about this book. A funny debut novel about super rich Chinese families written down by Kevin Kwan. If usually we can only imagine how these crazy people live their lives now we might get the details in this novel. Although this is fiction but most of the stories are based on facts since the author said he was raised in Singapore among those wealthy families. 

It's a light book that will entertain readers from the start until the last page. Even some of us perhaps don't want this to end. The sequel has also been released, China Rich Girlfriend. Current news said that the book soon also will be adapted into a movie by the producers behind the Hunger Games. Let's wait then. Hope it's going to be as witty as the book.