Silk Worm & Super Camp

My girls, Najla and Zea, together with their classmates had a field trip last week.  Najla joined a super camp at Tanah Tingal, Ciputat and stayed there one night while Zea visited Wisata Ilmu Sutera, in Bandung for one day trip.
One tent for four students
This is the second time for Najla having Super Camp.  Last year she camped and stayed over night at school. Since that was perhaps the first time for Najla and mostly her friends to stay in a tent therefore it seemed that they wanted to bring all stuff from their homes. Even some of them brought big luggages. Yep…lots of parents usually get so paranoid when it comes to kids' stuff particularly when it's related to camping. 

I remembered last year, I kept thinking about Najla all night long worrying whether she could sleep well at school. My hubby said perhaps lots of parents wanted to sleep at school parking lot tonight. If only he knew his wife actually had the same thought. Lol. While the next day when we met the kids, all of them looked so very much happy. They didn't seem to miss the parents at all. Ironic. No?
No more big luggage now
The current camping at Tanah Tingal was a bit different. I thought it would be more adventurous since they would stay and sleep in the tents surrounded by big trees. Unfortunately when I picked her up the next day, what I found around were tired faces.  I asked them what happened? They said they couldn't sleep. It's too hot and too many mosquitoes in the tents.

Well…perhaps if you want to stay in the tent you have to go to a higher and colder places such as Puncak or Lembang. Najla and friends said that they love camping but they prefer to camp at school just like last year. 

Pics Courtesy of Tr Reza
While Zea and friends had a bit far field trip this time. Yes they left at 6am to Bandung and arrived back in Jakarta at 8pm. They visited silk worm farm in Bandung. I just knew about this place when the teacher gave the link to the place and it looks interesting. You can see all things related to silk worm.

But when I asked Zea whether she enjoyed the trip and we should go there again taking Najla all along, she responded in a flat tone, "I don't think so, Ma. I still prefer Kuntum Farm at Tajur than this place." What? But why? She said again, "because I can see many different kinds of animals at Kuntum not only the silk worm."

Although when I checked the website, beside silk worm actually there are also other animals such as bunny and fish. Perhaps the location is too far so they're already tired before enjoying the program. All in all kids these days have their own thoughts. We can't force them. We just need to be there. Ready to facilitate them.
Pics Courtesy of Tr Reza
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