Super Camp 2016

We had a quiet Friday night last weekend. The girls were going camping in their school for two days. The programs were designed for grade 4-6 students since Najla is in grade 6 while Zea is in grade 4 so both of them joined that program.

The girls said that they had a good time.  They did lots of exciting stuff like a true scout (including playing with the mud and getting wet all over), cooking, eating together on a big banana leaf,  sitting around the  the bonfire, gazing at the stars, (the school prepared several telescopes for this activity), and they slept in a tent (although the girls said that they couldn't have good sleep since many of them were busy chit-chatting) on the school parking lot (but for them, it's still cool).

Picking them up on Saturday. The girls looked tired yet happy. Arrived home and fell in a deep sleep. While I was so very much relieved to find my home was complete again with the girls, the screaming, the running here and there, the messy home and everything. It feels like living in a real 'home'.