We are Young, We are Strong & We Love Indonesia

Another routine program at my girls' school is Bulan Bahasa. During 26-28 October, it's going to be several activities to commemorate the Youth Pledge, such as donating books, school performances (reading poem, writing, dancing, choir, etc), and the final program was celebrated on 28 October with a beautiful parade since all students were asked to wear traditional costumes from all provinces in Indonesia and prepared then ate the traditional food. 

Credit to: Mbak Is
Zea as a 4th grader wore Dayak's costume from Kalimantan while Najla and all 6th graders performed all things related to Sulawesi culture.

Credit to: Mbak Ira
Credit to: Mbak Maya
There it went I turned to be a very hectic (and fussy) mother on that Friday morning. I had to prepare these two girls stuffs nevertheless when I watched their performances and saw their super happy faces, well...everything's paid off. Mom felt nothing but a full heart:)