The Abundance

Title: The Abundance
Author: Amit Majmudar
Metropolitan Books New York
First Edition 2013
259 pages

Another book from Big Bad Wolf  at ICE. A hard cover book with a fancy cover and a price of only Rp 70,000 easily captured my heart.

A story of Indian family who lives in US. The mother suffers from terminal illness and at first she wants to keep it for herself however finally her two adult children find out and they try to spend their mother last days with things that she loves such as cooking Indian food.

I read many positive reviews about this book written by Amit Majmudar. Yet, I don't know I just couldn't finish this book. It is very slow moving that I lost interest before I got halfway through. I tried my best therefore I basically love the characters but I felt so bored with the story even I couldn't remember the page that I just read. I don't care enough to know what will happen to them. 

I guess I need a page-turner book. Tired with all the drama in the books I bought at Big Bad Wolf (just realized that most of the books I bought telling about Indian family).

Well...perhaps it's just an excuse for me to buy new books...hahaha... 


ferina October 21, 2016 at 9:08 AM  

nah, pas banget kan, mbak .... pas ada BBW :D

riana October 23, 2016 at 9:51 PM  

hahaha....saatnya ke toko buku beneran kayaknya, kalo ke BBW suka tergoda dengan harga diskon & cover buku, kurang fokus pada isi bukunya... :p