Wind of Change

Working in a Japanese company makes me familiar with its style and culture. Take as example: the employers and the employees, all placed in a huge room without any partitions. The surrounding is very quiet. Only the sound of the computer keypads heard. Once in a while, the telephone rings. Speaking about discipline, they are awesome. They usually go home late in the evening and arrive at the office very early on the next morning. They dedicate their life thoroughly to their jobs. They're really strict to their employees. No tolerance for lateness. This situation makes unfriendly and stressful atmosphere.

Lately, a new atmosphere spread all over the office. The wind of change was blown by a new director, Mr. Oshima. He started his breakthrough by interviewing all employees, including office boys and drivers. These interviews were not talking about our jobs but mainly about ourselves. Yes, he started by telling us his childhood, his career, his marriage and his only daughter. He said that he was willing to know his employees completely, he's sure that a person characters mostly determined by his surrounding. Therefore, he told us his life, in return he asked us to tell him ours. In his opinion, which I absolutely agree, the surrounding will affect someone's personality a lot.

He' s really serious with this project, he went to our branch offices in Bandung and Surabaya and did the interviews to the whole employees there.'s truly breathtaking. After 7 years working in this company, such things never happened before, finally I met an amazing person. All this time, we're always directed by a very Japanese boss (quiet, serious, distant).

Couple days a go, this Pioneer came up with his new idea to have a company library. Every employee is free to submit minimal 3 title of books and the company will purchase them afterwards. Some crazy thoughts crossed my mind, if only I could be the librarian, sitting among thousands of books, accompanied by a cup of Thai tea (my favorite) and browsing internet all days (just like Kafka Tamura in "Kafka on the Shore" by Haruki Murakami). case it's real, what a beautiful life.

All in all, I still keep an eye in this wind of change, waiting for the next major changes. Wishing all the best for this company.

Long Weekend

I am pretty sure that March is everybody's favorite month since it has 4 days in a row as holidays, absolutely fun, isn't it?

My parents-in-laws came from Lampung to spend their holidays in Jakarta. So, a few trips were made to welcome them. First holiday, we went to Bandung to attend a relative wedding party. Never imagined that the traffic jam could be that terrible. It took 6 hours, I repeat 6 hours (09.00 a.m. - 03.00 p.m.) from Jakarta to Bandung. Cikampek sucks!!! Arrrgh...... The Grand parents threw up and felt dizzy all the way, how poor you were aki & nenek.

The next day, Najla was sick. She got a fever. Perhaps, she was so tired of the long trip. I took Najla to her doctor. The doctor said that Najla suffered of sore throat. Get well soon, honey.

On Saturday, Najla got better, I accompanied her to her friend's birthday party at Mc Donalds. She had fun there.

We spent the last holiday at Mall Ambasador, finally we got the opportunity to shop, make you feel comfortable, hehe. It's time to shop till you drop.

At last, the long holidays over, it flies so fast, still needs more, it's true, we will never feel enough for holidays.

A Material World

"Wherever I went in my life, I met people wanting to gobble up something new.
Gobble up a new car. Gobble up a new piece of property. Gobble up the latest toy.
And then they wanted to tell you about it.
Guess what I got? Guess what I got?

You know how I interpreted that?
These were people so hungry for love that they were accepting substitutes.
They were embracing material things and expecting a sort of hug back.
But it never works.
You can't substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship."

("Tuesdays With Morrie", Mitch Albom)


Last night, on my way home, after getting off the train, I was a kind of shocked to see no angkot at the train station. According to abang becak and abang ojek (or should I say owjeg?hihi), the angkot went on strike. God, how could I get home? Becak? Impossible. Abang becak could die if he had to take me home. It's still around 10 km from here to my home plus the road was up and down. My home is located in hills area. Beautiful surrounding. Fresh air's far, as I said before pelosok.

Other option, ojek? yeah...but abang ojek knew their position were very important that night. They offered very high tariff in an arrogant way. Maybe, if it's possible, they would offer their services in US Dollar, ...arrrgggghh......

After having tight bargaining (as usual emak2 nggak afdol kalo nggak nawar) , I found a friendly abang ojek. Friendly meant he offered reasonable price.

Along the roads, I saw many high school students walked. I felt pity for them. Walking in the rainy night for hours. I didn't know what the strike protest for. Whatever it was, hopefully it can be settled amicably very soon. So everybody 'll be happy.

How about today, is the strike still on???? Hopefully not.


I've been a massage addict for so long. I loved it more when I had my two babies. Since I had to stay awake in the middle of the nights, breastfeeding them, changing their diapers, it made the needs to get massage were even more.

Couple months a go, I saw a billboard nearby my parents' home, mentioning that a massage center's just open. It's organized by a masseur and his wife, also a masseuse . They're an-old-blind- couple. I had no experiences being massaged by a blind masseuse before. I was curious, why not give it a try?

Finally, last weekend, I got the chance to experience it. Here she was, the masseuse. She massaged me gently, rubbing and kneading my body to stimulate my blood circulation. I almost felt asleep. One hour's been over. I felt fresh. It's not bad at all. Worth to try.

While messaging me, I asked questions about her family. She told me that she had one son and two daughters. One is a doctor, the other one is a lawyer assistance, and the youngest is still in college. Wow.....amazing. I admired her and her husband for being such a great parents. You're great.

A Trophy on Najla's Birthday

Happy birthday to my eldest daughter, NAJLANANDARI ANUGRAH CINTA who celebrated her 3rd birthday on Saturday, March 1, 2008. We all prayed the best for you, sweety.

On similar day, Najla's school, TK Seruni conducted an open house for public. The theme was: Indonesia & Other Countries In The World. Every students had to perform on stage including Najla and her play group classmates who performed Indonesian dance. Beside the stage performances, there's also a photo contest sponsored by Wyeth (yes, they produce Procal & Promise milk) and surprisingly, Najla became the 3rd winner, she got a trophy and souvenirs from the sponsor. Congrats honey, we're so proud of you.

The next day, on Sunday, Najla got together with 60 orphans, we prayed together. Wishing the best for Najla's life. Then, Najla gave them the lunch boxes and goodies bags as a thank you for coming and praying for Najla.

The last one was on Wednesday, March 5, 2008, Najla shared her happiness with her classmates. Yes... she celebrated her 3rd birthday at school. We brought a birthday cake to eat together, look at the cake, wasn't it so ....pretty? It's made by my neighbor, thanks mbak Ratih (interested? you can check here at birthday cake). Najla and her classmates were so happy, singing, eating, laughing, crying, jumping, and other -ing- activities together. It's fun.

Finally, a series of Najla's birthday programs done. Exhausting but we're all happy. We're really grateful for all. Thank you, God.

Girls in Pictures

Finally, I could match my family members' (my hubby, my two daughters, Najla, Nayzea & me) schedule to get together and have family pictures session. We arrived at the studio around 11 a.m. I had prepared 2 (two) sets of costumes for all of them.

The nightmares began when Nayzea cried, perhaps she's shocked to see the photographer, a totally new person for her. Najla, who at first was still calm, started to get restless, then continued with screaming. we could guess, both of them becoming non-cooperative children and starting their never ending crying out loud. What a perfect moment!!! goodness, gave me more patience, helped me to control my emotion. Relax....relax....easy, just took a deep breath, one..two..three...kept in mind that they were still too small to understand the meaning of having a family picture.

Moral of the story:
If you plan to have a family picture, wait till your children reach well.... at least 5 (five) years old. so, they already realize that they have to follow the photographer's instructions. Unless, you have extra energy to cope with their never ending screaming and crying.

Nevertheless, here are the pictures, taken with blood and tears (welll....this time I'm exaggerating, hehe...), ok ...enjoy!!!