Free Lunch

My President Director, Mr. Oshima has a unique way to congratulate his employees birthdays by inviting every employee including drivers and OB to join free lunch at a luxurious restaurant in our office building.

As a January person, I got my turn yesterday. There were 5 person who happened to celebrate their birthdays in January. Here we were, sitting in a big round table, staring at the good food and trying to finish and enjoying our lunch in a good manner. Well…..I didn’t know, but it’s a bit ‘tense’ atmosphere here, perhaps having lunch with our PD is not an everyday thing, so…we felt a kind of awkward feeling. Still…Mr. Oshima tried his best to break the ‘ice’, although it didn’t work too well, it must need longer time to adjust, perhaps we should eat together with our PD more often #nggak tau diri#.

At the end of the lunch session, Mr. Oshima asked each person to tell about the happiest moment for the past 12 months, he started by telling about his only daughter who already graduated from law school in Japan. He’s so proud of her. Continued by all of us telling about our most memorable moment in 2008. Mr. Oshima said that by sharing these great moments, we could feel the happiness spread to all of us. Nice thought.

During lunch time, I came to a conclusion that it’s not about the food nor the place but it’s the person with whom we spend our time is the most important part. So, even if we just buy food at the street vendor but if we eat it with the one we love, I’m sure it will be more enjoyable.

Ascolta la mia Voce

When the first time I read Susanna Tamaro’s book Va’ dove to Porta il Cuore (Pergilah Kemana Hati Membawamu, 2004), I felt in love with the way she told the story. Engaging words. Touching. I found her other book that already translated by Gramedia Pustaka Utama which was Rispondimi (Jawablah Aku, 2005). This story even more fascinating.

Last week I found her newest book, Ascolta la mia Voce (Dengarlah Suaraku, 2009). I was so happy to read her other great book. It turned out that this book is a sequel of Va’ dove to Porta il Cuore (Pergilah kemana Hati Membawamu, 2004). It’s almost five years a go when I finished the book and curious about the ending of the novel. Finally here it is. Dream comes true.

The story is a continuation of Marta, the granddaughter of Ilaria, who is now all alone. She knew only that her mom passed away when she was just a little girl, other stories about her parents remain a mystery. One day, Martha comes across her mom diary and letters.Those stuff reveal the fact that her dad and her great-uncle are possibly still alive.

Wondering about her past, Marta decides to leave her grandma house and starts her journey in encountering the people from her past.

This is a beautiful story about human need to find their roots in the past. I love the way Susanna wrote the story. She picked beautiful words and brought it in a very touching way. Honestly, in some parts of the book I couldn’t stop my tears.

Other great things is the translation. It is very good. I can feel the soul of the original version of this story. Bravo A. Sudiarja (the translator). I’ll be waiting for Gramedia to translate other books of Susanna Tamaro.


1st graphic novel that I read, written by Marjane Satrapi. Found this book accidentally in Gramedia. Grabbed it. Read it. Finish it within second. Yay…I usually read thick novel, so this book is a piece of cake. But..tell you what, this book successfully put me in a long laugh. Entertaining.

The story is about Iranian women and what topics they usually discuss during their tea time.Well…woman is woman. The topics are mostly about love, sex, and all men stuff.

So, you’ll find story about Marjane grandma, her calm mother, her glamorous auntie and all their friends and neighbors. They share stories about virginity, plastic surgery and becoming a mistress.

Telling in simple conversation –-sometimes funny, yet tragic—make us feel as one of them, sharing ours and listening to the topics that sometimes already experienced by us.

Curhat Tita

This is a graphic diary written by Tita Larasati. First I read about her in Kompas. I was curious about it.I went to Gramedia and bought two books of her, “Curhat Tita” and “Curhat Tita: Back In Bandung”.

The books are about Tita’s daily life. She smartly put her real life into a warm and natural drawing. When you read her story, you’ll feel that you sit next to her and listen to her friendly talk.

Her graphic diary actually started in 1995 when she had the chance to do an internship in Germany for one year. There she sent news to her family regularly. Instead of letters, she made drawings of her daily occurrences on loose A4-sized paper sheets and facsimiled these to her parents in Jakarta. It turned out that these facsimiles were photocopied, multiplied and distributed to other relatives and friends. Then she knew that her curhat and daily notes belonged to many people.

Tita is a lecturer and researcher at the Industrial Design Department of ITB. More about her graphic diary can be accessed here.


Many fabulous moments in January. Started by new year and Nayzea’s 2nd birthday (January 1), followed by my niece, Nabila 4th birthday (January 11), and ended by mine (January 14).

Grateful to God upon all bestowed blessing.

Thankful for my perfect package of happiness: Ayah, Najla & Nayzea, who always brighten my days, even in my worst one. I feel loved, happy, peaceful and other positive feeling to be around you all.

Thanks to mbak Ratih for the great cuppies.

Half of A Yellow Sun

I welcome 2009 by reading this great novel. Written by a Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This thick novel (761 pages, published by Hikmah (PT Mizan Publika)) fascinates me a lot. I couldn’t stop reading it. I enjoyed every page. I could cry and laugh at the same time. A highly recommended book.

It’s an epic. Telling about a war between Nigeria and Biafra in 1967. This is a complete story. You can find tragedy, romance, comedy and all packed in a beautiful way. Based on a true background, the story tells about Ollana and her twin sister, Kainene. It tells about their life before, during and after the war. How war could destroy everything. Tragedy and misfortune come side by side and destroy them, including their relationship with their parents, their husbands, and their friends.

The story seems so real. Even after finishing this book for quite sometime, I still could not stop my mind to think about this fabulous book.

Proposing Day

This was a story left from year 2008. My sister’s boyfriend proposed her on December 28, 2008 and my sister abruptly asked me to find a baker and ordered some cakes for her boyfriend’s family. Oh…no, it’s near year end, almost all bakers already went on vacation, otherwise they were already fully booked till new year.

After browsing here and there, finally I remembered Ingkan who recommended me to contact her favorite baker, mbak Dewi. Fortunately, mbak Dewi was still available to receive cake order. Yippie….I directly ordered cupcakes and fruit pie. Well…at last, we got great cakes to be delivered to my sis boyfriend’s family. Thank you, mbak Dewi.

Thank God, finally that important moment, the proposing day could be run smoothly. Thanks a lot to everybody who helped us and made it happen. Thank you.

Welcome 2009

It’s 2009 already! Happy 2nd birthday for my new year baby, NAYZEA, who celebrated her birthday exactly on January 1, 2009. Wish you all the best, sweety. Thank you for this lady who prepared a great Dora birthday cake for Zea. Look at the cake, look so yummy! Thanks a lot, mbak Ratih.

It’s also 1st anniversary for my blog. Thanks to this guy who helped me managing my own blog for the first time.

Hope this year will bring more sunshine and fewer dark cloud to all of us.