Happy Eid Mubarak 1431 H

A very belated Idul Fitri greeting, tssh... as usual Idul Fitri is always be a very busy day. A long holiday without any 'leyeh-leyeh' day. Busy with a lot of things, the packing, the mudik, the family gathering, the food, the dirty laundry, the messy house, and finally the prayer to see si mbak coming back very soon *can't wait...can't hardly wait*

Despite all the 'tiring' activities, Idul Fitri will always be a special day. A lovely day. A day to embrace. A day to forgive and to forget. A day that always warms my heart. Hopefully, we still have the opportunity to welcome Ramadhan month and the beautiful Idul Fitri next year, amin.