Arisan! 2

Producer: Kalyana Shira Film
Director: Nia Di Nata
Writer: Nia Di Nata
Casts: Cut Mini, Tora Sudiro, Surya Saputra, Aida Nurmala, Rachel Maryam

After 8 years, finally here it is, the sequel of Arisan the Movie. It's just like a reunion. The characters in the movie are getting older now, they are close to age of 40. Therefore they are more mature, wise, reflective but also talkative. It's still talking about the up and down of friendship, relationship among socialitas in Jakarta, the gay life, the botox and all the hypocrisy among them. Some parts of the movie remind me of Sex and the City with local content.

The scene is taken back and forth between a glamorous party in Jakarta and a quite Gili Trawangan where Meimei (Cut Mini) looks for peacefulness. The movie is almost complete, I enjoy not only the witty conversation but also the great places (Lombok, Borobudur) and the beautiful wardrobes. A light movie actually but it just hit me. It cheered me up.

This movie also give certain inspirations to me such as the scene on Waisak celebration at Borobudur Temple has made me promise myself that someday I have to go there and feel the solemn and peaceful atmosphere. The last I love in the movie is the batik blouses worn by Meimei (Cut Mini), almost all of them are beautiful, I heart them:)