The Marriage Bureau For Rich People

Author: Farahad Zama
Translator: Rinurbad
Publisher: Penerbit Matahati
Publication Date: January 2010
Pages: 455

I bought this book in a bookstore nearby my home. They sold a lot of discount books there and this book was only sold for Rp 20.000,- a kind of cheap. I bought the book without expecting too much but it turned out to be very enjoyable.

The story takes place in India, the lead character here is Mr. Ali, a retired civil servant. He starts to build a marriage bureau in order to have something to do. To his surprise, the business becomes so successful that he needs to hire an assistant, Aruna, a poor but admirable girl. Here it goes the clients' stories and also stories about Mr. and Mrs. Ali, their son, Aruna and all the ups and downs of their life.

From the book description we will get a glimpse of modern India and how complicated they are in arranging a marriage. So many things to consider in the marriage such as: the religion, the caste and the socioeconomic status. To this day this marriage 'screening' is still going strong. One doesn't marry outside of his caste and one very rarely marries for love. Instead family members will prepare an appropriate match.

Along the way, the author will tell about many interesting Indian customs. I love the way the author put the readers inside life in India today. Little conversation between people in India. A sneak peek into Indian wedding ceremonies. Little visit with people seeking a husband or a wife. A funny, warm-hearted and delightful read.

I found out that there are the sequel of this book The Many Conditions of Love and The Wedding Wallah. Hope that Penerbit Matahati will translate all:))