Jakarta Maghrib

Director/Writer: Salman Aristo
Casts: Indra Birowo, Widi Mulia, Lukman Sardi,
Ringgo Agus Rahman, Reza Rahadian, Adinia Wirasti

I have read many positive comments about this movie on twitter. A couple days a go I found the DVD at Gunung Agung bookstore, bought it and couldn't wait to watch it.

The movie tries to capture Jakarta people at maghrib time. Maghrib is special since it is the transition from noon to evening. There are 5 different stories (Iman Cuma Ingin Nur, Adzan, Menunggu Aki, Jalan Pintas, Cerita Si Ivan). Telling about many kinds of people with their own different stories. Some stories are touching, others are funny and also some others are so-so.

The movie is closed by a story called Ba'da. It is the time when all characters in the movie has experienced his/her own maghrib moment. They will eventually meet each other with or without interaction. A unique movie. My favorite stories are Iman Cuma Ingin Nur and Jalan Pintas. Truly entertaining!


ferina December 30, 2011 at 11:35 AM  

wah... filmnya tampak menarik nih... segera nyebrang ke plaza semanggi. mudah2an di gramedia ada :D

met tahun baru ya, mbak :)

riana December 31, 2011 at 3:02 PM  

@ferina: happy new year to you,too. all the best in the year ahead :)