101 Soal Perempuan Yang Patut Anda Ketahui

Author: M. Quraish Shihab
Publisher: Penerbit Lentera Hati
Publication Date:  4th printing, November 2011
Pages: 214

During Ramadan month, usually bookstores display more Islamic books. The bookstores even provide a special space for this kind of books. I also found this interesting book when I was on the way to cashier in order to pay for my daughters' children books, suddenly this pink book just caught my attention. 

Written by M. Quraish Shihab, a Muslim Intellectual, this book is presented in a simple way. The author conveys his thought using questions and answers method. All important things about women are there. You'll find lots of explanations on marriage, husband and wife relationship, how to raise our children, life style, career woman, and many more. A small book with rich content. 

Just a perfect book to read while ngabuburit. Happy fasting, everyone.:)