Ambilkan Bulan

Director: Ifa Isfansyah
Writer: Jujur Prananto
Casts: Lana Nitibaskara, Astri Nurdin, Landung Simatupang

My hubby and I accompanied Najla and Zea to watch Ambilkan Bulan last Saturday. It's a simple movie about Amelia (Lana Nitibaskara), a 10-year-old lonely girl. Since her father passed away of a car accident, her mom as a single mother is quite busy with her works.

Living in a apartment in Jakarta without any friends, Amelia finally gets new friend from a social network, Facebook. She later on found out that her friend, Ambar is her niece who lives in a remote village in Central Java. Having nothing to do for holiday Amelia is curious to spend her school holiday in Ambar's place. The adventure begins. 

The lead character Lana Nitibaskara acts so natural with her excellent voice. It turns out that she is one of the best jazz singer. At the age of 6, she's already performed in a Jazz Festival. In 2010 she released her solo jazz album Spirit of Jazz. The album consists of 7 jazz children songs in Bahasa Indonesia and English. I watched some of Lana's videos in youtube and they're amazing.

Najla and Zea seemed to enjoy the movie a lot. They sang for the songs they knew (there are 10 songs of AT Mahmud performed in the movie), laughed and felt scared for certain thrilling scenes. Not only my girls, I enjoyed the movie as well. The songs reminds me of my childhood. The beautiful scenes there spoiled my eyes and heart. How about my hubby? The good news was he didn't fall asleep during the movie and even smiled for few scenes. That's enough for us:)