The Other Side of Me

Author: Sidney Sheldon
Translator: Wawan Eko Yulianto
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: June 2007
Pages: 480

You'll never know what's next until you turn the page.

That's what Sidney Sheldon's father told him when he tried to commit suicide at the age of 17. Sidney Sheldon struggled with bipolar disorders for years. This disorder made him changed his mood easily. Sometime he's too happy, the next time he felt totally depressed. 

I have read every books Sheldon has written and although his recent novels aren't as good as earlier ones, he is still my favorite storyteller. Almost all his books has been number-one international bestsellers. This time Sheldon tells his own life story as engagingly as he tells his fictional stories.

Growing up in 1930s America, the young Sheldon knew that he must struggle to survive. Millions were out of works and the Sheldon family was forced to go around America in search of employment. His dreams were to become a writer and to break into Hollywood.

Since he wrote great novels, I thought this book will tells the detail of his life as the writer but I was wrong. He tells very little about his career as a novel writer. He focuses more on the challenges he faced early in his career as a screenplay and musical writer. He worked together with actors, legendary producers and musical stars. It turned out that he started to write his first novel when he was in his 50s. At that time he was tired of collective works and being a writer is a freedom. He can write whatever he wants. I guess much of his novels have been influenced by what had happened in his life.

This is a magical story of a life on both sides, of struggles and of the success and how one man fought himself to become the master of his game. Sheldon died on January 30, 2007 (aged 89) from complication arising from Pneumonia.