Fresh Graduate Boss

Author: Margareta Astaman
Publisher: Penerbit Buku Kompas
Publication Date: April 2012
Pages: 246

Is it possible to be a boss although you're just a fresh graduate? Does the stereotype that say 'old people must be having more experiences therefore they are just the right candidates to be a boss (yang tua yang dipercaya)' still applicable? So how come? Should we wear a make up and dress to look older just to attract the interviewers? What should we say when we asked a question like 'what will you be doing in the next 10 years'? 

All those witty questions will be answered by Margareta aka Margie in her simple yet interesting way. This is Margie's third book that I read after After Orchard and Excuse-moi. So far I am still enjoying her writing. Although the topic sometimes a bit serious but Margie always finds her way to deliver it easily.

According to Margie, it's all started with a dream. To dream the impossible. How can we reach our dreams if we have none?  Yes, we tend to have a plan than a dream.Although as Paulo Coelho said, when you want something so badly, the universe  will conspire to make it happen. It seems that if we  want something badly, the confidence, the optimism and the spirit will move the universe elements in order to simplify our hard effort.

Margie delivers all office stuff in a detail yet witty way, for the sensitive topics like the office politics (it's always there), the office romance, the colleague, the power syndrome boss, and all. Although Margie herself is one of the excellent example for young people, in the age of 20s, she's already been a Country Editor in one of the International News office, an Asst. Vice President in a multinational company and a Chief of Content in an internet media, but she's said this is not an autobiography. This is merely a sharing about the process in achieving a career through the eyes of a fresh graduate young lady who happens to be posted in executive managerial. She also wants to show that we don't have to wait until we're old to dream and to become a leader.
So what is your dream job? Is your current job your dream job? If not, then why are you here? Let's start the journey now. Go find the things you like so you don't have to work for the rest of your life. The loudest person in the world who says that you can't make it is yourself. BEAT YOURSELF.