Dari Rue Saint Simon ke Jalan Lembang

Author: Nh. Dini
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: February 2012
Pages: 218

The line that said, Life is a mystery is definitely true. Every time I read Nh. Dini's memoir in her  Cerita Kenangan series, I always feel amazed and curious where will it end? 

This is the 13th book of Cerita Kenangan, the latest book that I read was Pondok Baca Kembali ke Semarang. It's absolutely a long series to follow. According to Nh. Dini, the purpose of dividing her life stories into certain different books are to avoid a big-heavy-boring memoir.  By putting them in different thin books, she hoped that they will be easier and more interesting to read. So far each time I see the latest title of this series I always buy it and put it in my favorite collection books. I followed the story from Nh. Dini's childhood in kampung Sekayu, Semarang, Central Java, her experience as a stewardess, her stories in several countries when she still lived with her diplomat husband and their two kids, Lintang and Padang, and finally her saddest part, a breaking up with her husband and her plan to go back to Indonesia.

This latest book is still telling about her plan to rearrange her new life after certain period of separation with her husband. She was sure that she had to leave Europe, get her Indonesian citizenship back and  started a new life in her hometown, kampung Sekayu, Semarang.

Choosing to have a divorce and being on her own is definitely a big and hard decision. She met several obstacles along the way but with the helps from some of her relatives, best friends and colleagues finally she could make it. Moreover with her writing skill and environmental concern, she  was chosen to join the Ministry of Environment to some remote areas and directly dealt with the ecological issues.

Other interesting topic is the process to obtain her Indonesian citizenship back. When she decided to arrange it by herself at the Central District Court in Jakarta, she found out that it's not a light issue. It's a long process and would take a very long period until finished. There is a strong reason behind her decision to get her Indonesian citizenship back, at first she wanted to live in Europe and started writing stories in France but a good friend of her said that France writers are already a lot while Indonesian writers are still limited. That suggestion finally ensured her to leave Europe and go back to her homeland, Indonesia.