A Sister Hug Has A Thousand Meanings...

This is the second year for Najla and Zea to sleep in their own bedroom. I got to admit that teaching kids to sleep in their own bedroom is definitely not an easy thing to do. It is not only hard for the kids but also for their mom, hehe..yeah..sometimes (or very often?) I miss the chance when the four of us were still sleeping umpel-umpelan in one big bed:) 

At the beginning of separation Zea sometimes woke up in the middle of the night, she screamed, cried and finally called out for her Mama. Usually I came to her room, calmed her down and accompanied her until she felt asleep and went back to my own room, but sometimes I over slept there all night until the morning came.

After few months Najla and Zea have already been enjoying their own bedroom a lot. No more nightmares, no more crying and screaming in the middle of the nights. They now sleep peacefully by themselves. Even when their father is away for a business trip and I ask them to accompany  me  and to sleep in Mama's bedroom, they surely will say 'no'. Now I am in a dilemma either to feel proud of their consistency or to feel sad..*yes, I'm also a drama queen* 

Recently  I often find out in the morning that Zea already moved from her bed and slept together with Najla. When I asked, she answered as follows:

Mama: Zea, sekarang sering pindah tidur di samping Kakak Najla ya?

Zea: Iya Ma, aku kalau terbangun malam, terus nggak bisa tidur lagi, terus aku pindah tidur di samping Kakak

Mama: Hebat...pantas Zea nggak pernah nangis malam-malam lagi

Zea: Aku seneng tidur sama Kakak karena Kakak sering peluk aku

Mama: Oh...gitu *mulai terharu & bangga karena anak-anaknya saling sayang*

Zea: Iya..Ma, Kakak sering peluk-peluk aku karena Kakak kira aku itu....GULINGNYA....

Mama: *batal terharu*