Klik, Sepuluh suara, satu cerita!

Title: Click
Authors: Eoin Colfer, Linda Sue Park, Ruth Ozeki, Nick Hornby, Tim Wynne-Jones, David Almond, Gregory Maguire, Deborah Ellis, Margo Lanagan, Roddy Doyle
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: September 2012
Page: 228

This is a unique work. Ten award winning authors collaborate together to create one story.

Ten of the most beloved authors, each contribute a chapter in the life of the mysterious George 'Gee' Keane, a photographer, a soldier, an adventurer and an enigma. When Gee passed away, he inherited his camera and his great photos collection to his grandson, Jason and a box with seashells inside to his granddaughter, Maggie. These inheritances bring both of them to an unbelievable  journey, reveal many secrets and change many lives.

Now get ready to explore the art and craft storytelling with ten masters who show how tools like 'voice', 'perspective' and 'character' work in the hand of the expert. Each story is unique, surprising, a small gift, standing alone but somehow believably connected to the first one. The authors were free to pick up the characters and place them at any part of the globe. Therefore we will enjoy ten beautiful stories with different style of writing but somehow all those stories are related. This book also introduces us to some amazing and strong characters, some individual stories that stick in our head and a feeling that everyone on this huge, messy planet is somehow interrelated.   

All the royalties from the book will be donated to Amnesty International, an organization which serves to protect human rights.

One things I regret is there is no special page that tells about how these ten authors can get together and how the process of making this story. Do they have to write it together?  Do they already know the ending since the beginning? Are there any 'conflict' between those ten authors while they work to finish the story? I am sure the process of making this book is as engaging as this novel itself.  All in all I highly recommend this book. A must read.    


Kubikel Romance October 18, 2012 at 9:51 AM  

halo mb salam kenal :)
ak pengen baca ini, belum pernah baca kumcer dari pengarang luar, pengen tahu sensasinya kayak gimana :)

riana October 18, 2012 at 10:14 PM  

@peri hutan: thanks sudah mampir...

iya buku ini menarik, 10 pengarang dunia menuliskan 1 buah cerita bersama2, tiap pengarang menuliskan 1 bab dg gayanya masing2, jadi kita seperti baca 10 cerita berbeda padahal sebenarnya merupakan satu kesatuan:)